Storage for toys that you're okay living with!

A few great examples + ideas...


I kind of love seeing toys in family rooms. Now, I don't mean all over the living room, but in a neat organized fashion that looks like a home that kids live in. And if you have children, isn't that what it should look like? Woden puzzles, games, blocks and books are my favourite. Also doll houses and legos look great as well. 

Via HGTV design by Brian Patrick Flynn
I love these green bookshelves. Not sure if these are from Ikea but Ikea does have ones that look just like these!

Via MonBoPetitMonde

Love this easy DIY. Handmade Charlotte has a 2 step tutorial on how to make this. It's wine boxes + large black binder clips. I know right? Definitely making one.

I love using regular hampers and storage bins for toys. It makes for such easy cleanup!

My friend Lori's house
Storage bin for toys again! Actually Lori bought me mine from Marshalls :) Great friends think alike!
Our basement pic #1
Our basement playroom Pic#2
There's still a little way to go with this playroom storage. I have a few more ideas so stay tuned!

And if you are a regular here, you recognize my family room. Yup, definitely a house full of kids :)

What about you? Do you love or hate seeing toys?



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