Organize + Style your bathroom cupboard in 15 minutes! See how I did it!

I know that nobody sees this part of your home, except you. But I do enjoy the little things that make me feel pampered and special. I do these special things for my family, so why not myself too?  It only takes a few minutes and you can get rid of the useless products you were never using anyway.

It's not just about cleaning, it's about designing little nooks that work for you and look nice. Cleaning and organizing made fun!


Pretty basic.  Boring and bland. 

This is pretty straightforward.

Material needed:

Scrapbook paper (this is from HomeSense but Michael's has really stylish ones too).
Tape measure
Double sided tape (dollar store)

Measure the backs of your shelving unit. Cut to size and stick. That's it.

Then place your brushes in pretty jars. These are from HomeSense and didn't cost very much. You can also find clear jars at the dollar store.  Keep only items you use. Seasonal items, or items less frequently used can be stored on the top shelf!


This mini makeover makes it so much easier to locate things and get ready quicker. 

In my drawer I used the Godmorgan kit from ikea. I love lucite for storage.

I layered 1 tray over another.  I had to play with the configuration a little until it fit in my builder basic vanity.  By laying out my jewellery I can see everything clearly now and I don't have useless things cluttering up my space!

PS: Just for the record. I do not like my bathroom. The tiles, basic builder melamine cabinets and corner shower and tub are not to my taste. Hopefully in the near future I can tackle this as a full on reno! 

But this little update sure makes me happy:)


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