Links for Your Weekend + a confession

Oh how I wish I could get away for a single weekend...
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Here are some links for your weekend reading...

I wish I could be on that looks so peaceful, and so quiet!
I've been stretching myself a little this week. I don't know why I have to try to keep my house so darn tidy while taking care of sick kids and working. I think it's because I'm happy that way.  If I look around the house and if it's cluttered, or dirty, or in more real terms "a disaster" I guess I feel like a failure.  I do stay at home most of the time.  I know, this is stupid but then I started thinking how lately cleaning my house has been like a reward.  For some people it may be going shopping or having a spa day.  And though those sound wonderful I'm on a budget and I'm lazy to leave my home, so I clean & organize. That's me time. And reading blogs:)

Anyway enough of my ranting, here are some great reads and things I've found around the web.

1>> How big is your vocabulary? Take the quiz and find out how many words you know! It's super interesting but be honest! There were many words I've read before and thought I knew but when I tried to give the definition I simply could not! Huh!
(Via Joanna Goddard blog)

2>>Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady's LA eco friendly home.  Not fair. Can I be a supermodel married to an NFL player too? The home is gorgeous.

3>>Some great little (and I mean little) DIYs to do this weekend via Paper & Stitch.  Brittni is a wonderfully talented blogger & diy'er.

4>>Minted contest ends tonight so enter now here. It takes 1 minute and you have an amazing chance at winning a $50 credit, they have beautiful art starting at 20$!!!

Have anything good you've come across? Please share!

Have a wonderful weekend...



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