Is there hope for my kitchen? Grey kitchen + Brass handles

This kitchen might be the tipping point in my ever ending question of whether I should paint my cabinets dilemma.

This kitchen, via Martha Stewart is quite elegant.  I have a lot of warm beige tiles in my kitchen currently. The backsplash + floor tiles over coordinate (as did the paint before we moved in). Everything just kind of blends in along with my mid-toned cabinets. I've thought of painting them grey
because I knew it would look awesome with the brass handles I already have. I think I may start small. Maybe just paint the huge hutch that is part of the kitchen and see how it goes.

So, as you can see my kitchen is pretty much the same colour, everywhere.

The colour would have to do with the counters for now. They really need to be replaced. Cross my fingers I can swing it this year.  A honed black granite would be so modern and would look amazing with the cabinets, and the brass hardware (and not to mention the granite sink!).

I'm really liking this colour choice. It's called Carrara by Para paints.  So now I would have to clean my cupboards with a special cleaner, then lightly buff, prime with a primer made for thermoplastic, then paint 2 coats. I have a lot to paint here and I'd like to do it sooner rather than later while my cat has still yet to shed. (Kittens don't lose their hair). I also have to not involve Greg as he may want to kill me.

 Anyway, I will let you know when I get started ;)



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