How the Frames are freshening up my Decor

I must admit, I'm happy with where this is going. This frame has such a nice modern feel I want to sell half of my furniture! The print with this frame has a nice fresh feel to it and it has re-envigorized my family room. The colour palette of the photo I choose has the same colours that are in my home. White, beiges and soft blues.  

For this size (16X20) would be $34, and that's a custom original print. The frame is from Ikea. It is the Ribba series (20X28) and is $20.  I can also make "poster" prints like this for weddings, engagement parties, anything really. We've done many collages for funerals.  The response is overwhelmingly positive. Grouping so many pictures and memories of your loved one is great way to honour and remember together.

My prints here are looking pretty stylish and start at $8 for a 5X7, frame not included, but this is a frame from Ikea thats costs $2.50.

More to come :)

PS: Don't forget the deadline for the contest is tomorrow night!!!


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