Easy Party Decorations- Simple + Personal

This banner is fun! It's whimsical, modern & didn't involve hours of time or lots of money. You just need a couple of things and if you're crafty or have kids, you may already have some of these items on hand!

Necessary Items
Cardstock paper (for printing pictures on) available at Walmart.
Tissue paper
Scrapbook paper
Cord/string (I use hemp cord because it's thick and glides well).
Double sided tape (my best friend) 
Crafting needles 
Fabric tape (on my fringes for decoration)
That's it. 

This was so simple, that I probably wouldn't need to give you direction but read on anyway...oh and on a side note, I'm not hanging these with tape (this was only to give you the big picture). I'm going to hide these until Ava's birthday on Saturday.

Step 1:

Print out your favourite pictures of that special someone (be it for a party or bridal shower). I only printed 3 at 4X6. 

Step 2
Cut out cards in banner shape. You could cut them out in triangles as well so it resembles small flags.

Step 3
Using a craft needle sew the banner together by pushing the needle in one side and coming out the other. Depending which way you want the string (to show or to hide)-I did a combination of both.

Step 4

Place the pattern of colours + photos and add some fringed tissue paper if you wish (as I did). The fringed tissue paper was made by folding it in half and cutting 3/4's up the paper. Then I sealed it with double sided tape.  If you missed the post of my all fringe banner check it out here- this looks easier but it took me more than twice as long to make!

And voila! Easy and super cute!

I'll be featuring a few other decorations as the week continues.  Oh I love parties :) You may want to pin this for later reference ;) This would be great for a bridal shower or baby shower too, using baby pics of the bride.  

I haven't decided where to actually place this. Maybe the eat in kitchen area, or family room?



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