Tips for Styling your home (and my photo shoot day)

How great is it when you know you're having a dinner party and it's crunch time to make your dining room look pulled together?  Okay, not everyone's cup of tea but I love it!  And that's kind of what happened this morning when I knew my dad was passing by to take some shots of my frames.  Not only did I want him to photograph my frames but also take a few shots of them in context.  So I thought Charlize and Brooklyn's room would be perfect. These pics below are not my dads. They are from my Iphone.  His pics will blow these away.

I decided to style Charlize's work table as my own! He he so fun. The hard part was moving those styled objects back to where they belong! I did let her keep the frames and a couple of the objects. Not the gold candlestick I got from Target (which was a $4 steal).

That's me having my tea and blogging away at her desk. I know, I do need to move the laptop before she sees it and asks me for it and Brooklyn has a meltdown.

Her room is looking so nice. She's learning to play the ukelele at school. It's a bright glossy yellow, how perfect?

 The glossy white table top looks amazing in her room. From Ikea.

DIY heart frame above. You can get some awesome craft paper nowadays.  Michael's and even HomeSense (where I got these gold and silver papers) look great in addition to the other frames, which include an art project she did when she was 3! All frames from Ikea.

 If you love colour don't be afraid to use it in other rooms of the house, it's not just for kids!

A few styling tips...

1. Grab the nicest objects (or your most favourite) and bring them to the desired spot. The more the merrier (well, the more choice you'll have anyway).
2. Stack, line up and move objects around (some more forward than others) to give depth.
3. Try to stick to a few repeating colours and repeating objects.  The cluster of frames has an impact! 
4. Don't be afraid to try things or objects. (Like that vase or xmas tree decoration).
5. Experiment and have fun. Take a picture with your phone and scrutinize it. What is not working? Repeat!

I will be sharing the photos my dad takes (obviously) when I unveil my website- or something like that :)

On another note....
Happy Birthday to me, 34! Ouch!


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