My product launch!

So I've been busy away designing cute frames for kids's rooms, nurseries, and heck even the front entrance. I don't know why, but I'm obsessed with gold. Black + gold, white + gold.  I've made quite a few, and I have to stop myself from hanging them everywhere since they're my samples!  I'm telling you my details because I feel it may push me to complete my goal.

Here's a look. They look Ahhmazing in the girl's rooms. These are not printed they are designed and cut vinyl.  It's kind of like decals but in a frame! The gold is so shiny and oh so pretty. I've been wanting to this for a while. I'm glad Greg pushed me and is being such a huge help.  I'm only a novice in illustrator and dealing with his printer (where the prints are cut) is tricky.

Not very many pretty christmas frames out there, so I designed a couple.

I've made the prints in standard sizes and they fit Ikea's frames perfectly. Which is awesome since their frames are economical and simple.  I just did that black heart print.  I must say I think it's my favourite.  The larger ones (11 3/4" by 15 3/4") are $12 a print and the smaller (8 1/2 by 11") are $8.  My photos are not doing these frames any justice but my dad will be shooting these in his studio next week (he's a professional  product photographer, lucky me!)

If you'd like to order one please send me an e-mail at!

I will be adding to these as well. I have a bunch of quotes and typography prints I'd like to do. Hopefully I can get them out in the next couple of weeks!

Let me know what you think in the comments below:)


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