My bedroom gets a much needed facelift

It is amazing what moving furniture around can do. My room was on the wall between the windows before, as shown here. And before that it was on the opposite wall.  The furniture never filled the space properly. Now, it all makes sense. 

Before...I was so ashamed of my room I clicked just a small shot. The rest is literally bare.

And after...

The room feels large but not lost as it did before and I didn't have to buy new pieces as I thought before.  I kept thinking "it'll be complete once a buy a (fill in the blank), or a (so & so)"...but I just rethought the design and the space.

It's great with the addition of a rug. I added a couple things from other rooms, like the small white chair, little antique bench and my white small side console.

See what an wonderful impact balance and symmetry have on a space?

It's really nice being able to watch a movie in bed. We added the television a while back when we slept at a B&B and thought "why don't we have one of these?" It felt luxurious.

The night stands were a craigslist find, the lamps from Pier 1 and the sea fan from the Bahamas.

I know, I need to design other peoples' spaces too!!! Working on that right now:)


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