Freshening up my family room

It always feels so good cleaning and organizing the toys, the magazines, the clutter, everything.  That's just what I did this Sunday while it snowed inches outside.  It didn't take me long to squeeze in this "activity" for myself.  The kids love when everything is organized too.
I redesigned the back wall of our family room. It was looking stale to me (after it being that way for about 2 years-yikes!)




It's fun to style and add little quirky things, like this wood bead necklace and christmas deer decoration.

I framed this painting that Ava did.  I gave her watercolour paper in the hopes that she'd reproduce it but no luck. So it's plain old paper.  My two favourite frames from my line also have a new home:)

Now she has a great little nook to play lego and solve puzzles, her two favourite activities lately.

I have yet to style this wall. I brought down the expedit shelving unit from my closet to create balance and symmetry in the family room, because of the awkward fireplace which was put on an angle in the corner (boo) I find it needed this.

This coffee table belonged to my beloved grandparents. My uncle had it in his home and he wanted to get rid of it.  (I think he didn't see the potential;) It was dark brown before and had big clunky doors in the middle with these awful clunky handles. I love how it turned out. I just need to coat it with some beeswax that I picked up from Ikea!  Now view this similar coffee table also made from pine from Restoration Hardware.

Price tag $1795.00 hehehe.  You see why I'm loving this coffee table even more?

Next.....I also got fed up and moved my bedroom around. That was thursday night....I will show you tomorrow how a simple change of layout makes a ton of difference.


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