Updates to Brooklyn's room

A home is never done. Ever. And I don't know why I didn't try this sooner. I've been quickly trying to empty my half of the garage (or let's just say Greg's garage) so I can park my van there in a couple of weeks when it goes well below zero!  I've done Charlize's nightstands and took out a beautiful coffee table that I've sanded but have yet to varnish with a clear coat.  There was a sleigh style bed in there too, given by a friend, so I decided to give it a try. I was fed up with her bed on the floor.

Brooklyn was really excited to have a bed so high up. It's higher than it actually looks.
 I think it works well because it's a similar tone to the floor.
I added this shelf I bought at Pottery Barn Kids almost a decade ago.  Now she another place to get ready in the morning.
I love lucite trays. This was part of the Godmorgan set from Ikea (14$).  The rest of the pieces are in my bathroom vanity.  She loves to wear lipstick. I swear, she's 6 going on 20. Yes she stole my Mac in red. Bold red.
Displaying jewellery and pretty hair pieces is an easy way to create a nice looking vignette.
 I added this art piece that I made.  I think it's fun and works well with the other black and white elements in the room.
Before her room was mainly pink & orange (my fave colour combo) with grey and black & white.  Brooklyn introduced this bold blue by taking cushions from Ava's room. I think her contribution is bold but looks great. She definitely wants a say in her decor, and many times a week I will see an object in the hallway that she says looks "dumb" in her room.  I do laugh thinking about it.


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