Decorate your front door for Christmas- a peak at my decor.

Is it a little early? Maybe by a couple of weeks but I was tired of having nothing on my porch. Plus I figured I could add a little as it gets more wintry like.
I wanted to frame the door without being over the top. Something that looked organic and natural.  Though I've seen many garlands in the stores already I really liked the delicateness of this particular one. It was also a steal at 2$, at Dollarama.  
I love the gold sprayed wooden star. It ties in the gold balls in the urns nicely.  I purchased 3 metres of burlap fabric on a recent visit to St-Hubert street. This is not the kind you buy at the hardware store, it is finer,tightly woven and much more inexpensive.
When I bought it I wasn't sure how I was going to incorporate it into my design. When I decided to make a garland out of it, I had to cut it into strips.  Then I picked a string from the middle and pulled until it bunched up.  I actually happened upon this technique by accident!  You can buy burlap in a ribbon form, much easier and you won't have unravelling sides (though I do like the look here).
 Burlap is very messy. I do suggest buying the already made ribbon. Then all you have to do is thread a needle through the middle and pull.  I may attempt this as a garland for our Christmas tree. It really is pretty.  You can purchase some here.  I figure Michael's must have some too, not sure on the cost though.
Love, love, love the balls. I was so excited when I saw these at Walmart, I know Walmart! 5$
I wanted a wreath that would "blend" into the door, so the frame and urns could take centre stage.
Some of my inspirations shots were...
Via House & Home
This above is Sarah Richardson's front porch December 2012.
This actually is a backyard shot. I'm going to make a little outside area similar to this with my daybed. I know, it's a little risky with the snow and all, so I was thinking of getting some sort of canopy to shield the balcony from all the snow. Plus we enjoy barbecuing year round.

Side case you were wondering how I attached the garland around the door frame, it was with nails-that needed to be drilled into the grout (Greg did this), and I wrapped picture frame wire around the head of each nail!

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