Charlize's new bedside tables

I picked these two beautiful wood antique bed tables at a garage sale for 10$ each. Okay not 100% sure they are considered antiques, but they are old (at least 50 years according to the nice old woman) and they're solid wood.
These were the before photos I had posted about when I first got them...

I do love the details and the proportions of these tables. The hardware needed just a bit of cleaning. I love them too.
 I asked Greg to pick me up some sandpaper (Grit 60) for his sander but he came home with this! His orbital sander is heavy and doesn't fit into the nooks and crannies like this Black n' Decker mouse sander does! Early birthday gift (only 30$ anyway)! I sanded each one for about an hour.  Then wiped it clean with a damp cloth.
I had a can of this from BlogPodium so I figured what the heck.  It's a primer and paint in a nice semi-gloss finish. Perfect.  It's heavy duty paint too and no VOC.
 After three coats of paint it was looking nice & fresh.
 I also had to paint the drawers. I want to paint the inside a hot pink. Just have to tint the other paint can I got.  *Correction* DO NOT paint the sides of an antique table. I can't slide them in!!! Now I have to sand down the sides to make them fit. Now I know for next time :)
 How nice does this look? I'm happy it turned out and that it's no longer sitting in the garage!
 It looks so good next to her ultra modern Ikea bed.  Love the contrast.  The colour unifies both pieces together.

I LOVE having girls...How girly is this lamp? And a simple do-it yourself gold dot dress in a 1$ Ikea frame:) This is basically what I did on my weekend! Totally worth it. Any little projects you want done before the snow falls?


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