Happy Thanksgiving! A peak into my dining room with easy & inexpensive centrepieces

I'm having so much fun getting ready for thanksgiving this weekend. We will be hosting a dinner party with some friends on Saturday, so preparation began this morning with a stop at Loblaws for some fresh (or semi-fresh) flowers.  Because the flowers weren't super fresh they were 50% off.  Not bad, they still looked in good shape.

Of course, the first thing I want to do is decorate.  Everything tastes that much better when you're in a pretty surrounding.

I spent $15 dollars making these centrepieces.  I ended up with 3.

I bought a dozen white roses and a bouquet of wine coloured carnations.  I had 2 different types of grasses in my garden, so I added those too.

I wanted to make the centrepieces small enough so that they weren't obstructing my guests view of each other. It's kind of annoying playing peekaboo around a centrepiece. I used regular mason jars that you can pick up at most hardware and grocery stores.

I cut the roses an inch longer than the rest and assembled those in the middle.  Then I surrounded them with the carnations.  Lastly I stuck in some greens and the grasses until it looked right.

The result definitely looks fall appropriate.

Dressing the table is also so much fun. That's why I dressed it 30 hours in advance!!! I mixed and matched bowls and plates since I don't have a set for 8.  I know.

This is my seating for 8.  After setting this one I had to make an equally inviting one in the kitchen for the 8 other guests in that room.  This may take some imagination.  

Happy Thanksgiving :)


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