Fall Essentials, 6 things to buy for the season

Fall is probably my favourite season for decorating and rearranging.  It's like preparation for the coming cold months.  All those evenings spent indoors (and days if you stay at home too:) have me wanting to make things a little cosier and more inviting.  Think warm rich tones, like oranges, ochres and navies.  Think brushed brass and shiny black elements.

A great place to start is decorating the table. For all those invited thanksgiving guests!  With Target here now, it's really hard to stick to a "buy only what you need" budget. Oh well...

1>> Gilded cable pillow cover, in gold.  48$  West Elm

2>> Gold flat wear set.  32$ for 1 place setting. West Elm

3>> Threshold brass bar cart.  129$ Target

4>> Hammered napkin ring, each  4$   Linen ivory napkins, set of four.  20$ Chapters Indigo

5>> Emory toss pillow.  28$ Target

6>> Textured linen pillow, in teal blue. 38$ Chapters Indigo

Oh my gosh, sooo many beautiful things. It seems like there are more and more affordable beautiful accessories. And gold, people, is here to stay...Am I the only gold fan (that I know?)  What do you think?


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