Easy Personal DIY Typography print in 3 steps

Perusing the frame aisles at endless home stores can be exhausting and uninspiring.  There are many frames and lots of art but I find it meaningless to hang something in your house just because a wall is blank.  Do you feel me?

I'm forever looking at Etsy and many blog sites that boast many talented artists and creatives alike.  I thought, yeah, I'd love to have $50 to spend on that print, but why not try to make it myself?  After speaking to a friend who was in this debacle I decided to go to the craft store.

This was honestly one of the easiest little projects I've ever done. 

Materials Needed:

A frame (I like Ikea frames & I used the 16x13 Ribba Frame).
Large 12"x12" Scrapbook sheets (these are textured black).
Double sided tape (or regular tape is perfectly fine too).
The biggest size letters you can find in a colour to match your style or the room.
That's it!
Total cost, maybe 15$!!!

I chose gold glitter letters. I'm loving gold and these were super shiny & elegant looking.  You could choose a pale pink or blue for a boys room and do letters in silver or any other colour you find!

Step 1
Place scrapbook paper behind matting and secure in place with tape.

Step 2

There is no science here & I hate measuring ( I know).  Figure out the spacing and how many letters you'll use so you don't run out! I used this leftover piece of paper as my guide.  

Step 3

Write anything. An inspirational quote, lyrics to your favourite song or nursery rhyme.  Here I did random typography and threw in my daughters names. As well as the words, God & Blessing.

This is a fun simple project you can do in one hour.  It looks fabulous and it actually means something.



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