Amazing DIY using salvaged barn board + plumbing pipes

I visited my cousin this past weekend in Toronto when I attended BlogPodium.  He's a sustainability analyst for Sobeys so it's only fitting he has some beautiful salvaged and up-cycled pieces in his home, that he shares with his fiancé Lara.

Before + After  Some artfully decorated bookshelves à la Bianca :)

And after...

Not an easy DIY.  Working with plumbing pipes when you aren't used to it can prove difficult. But Nick still thinks it was all well worth it.  I love it!

Get the look for your entry...

Some other beautiful pieces in their home...

This gorgeous lightbox was purchased by a local artist in Vancouver while Nick & Lara lived there.

A beautiful harvest table made by his dad decades ago.  It was our grandparents, so we've all shared many, many dinners at this table.

Nick did a beautiful job stripping the thick waxy shine that was once there, giving it a natural rustic look.  He's on the fence about plugging the screws on the bench but I love the look of the exposed bolts.

A vibrantly coloured headdress from Brazil. A gift from Nick's mother Margarita (my aunt!) who lived there for many years.

Thank you Nick & Lara for opening your home to me!  You both are such genuinely loving people:)

Love you lots,


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