A week in the Bahamas.

A week has come and gone so quickly.  It almost feels as though I may wake to find myself in the warmth of the sun lying beneath a palm tree.  Or maybe not... I did go there with three children after all!

My husband Greg happened upon a crazy airfare deal that left us thinking, it's now or never (this year anyway)...and this is how myself, my husband, our three kids and my mother made it to Exuma, an incredibly beautiful island in the Bahamas population 1000.  We rented a beautiful small cottage on the beach.

The sand is white (or pink on some beaches), the water turquoise and the sky blue (except this day!) This beach is where the Tropic of Cancer crosses.  It was stunning.

I fell in love with these colourful muskoka chairs. Perfect for the islands.

Sandbars far from the water's edge at a different island. Sunhat from GapKids $8


Incredible snorkeling. The pictures only do it half justice.

We stopped and snorkelled a few different areas.  There were underwater caves that we could only peak into from the opening. Many different fish & coral.  Greg & I also saw a shark. Needless to say I was out of the water within 30 seconds.

I absolutely adore this little face. Ava was so full of curiosity and couldn't wait every morning to go down to the "pool" aka the ocean.

Renting a boat for the day is a great way to explore the many little surrounding islands that make up the Bahamas.  Many movies have been filmed around here including James Bond (Thunderball) and Pirates of the Caribbean.

A very friendly stingray looking for some food.

 The Chat n' Chill. A perfect place to grab a bite and a beer, and chill by the beach on a hammock.

Love these. Not sure on the accuracy, however, it just reminds you how far away you are.

Palm trees were plentiful here and we couldn't resist those beautiful coconuts! This was the view from the balcony.

There were so may beautiful treasures from the ocean. Sea fans (seen above in chocolate brown) are often broken and swept up to shore after storms.  Charlize found a beautiful small one and I a large one.   These seashells can be polished with a small sander to reveal a pearl like finish. 

I visited a gift shop in the small village of George Town where a woman turned these treasures into beautiful souvenirs. Unfortunately they were large & very expensive so I thought why not make my own?

Which is what I'm doing as we speak, check back tomorrow:)


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