Basement Playroom Ideas

There are so many ideas when it comes to designing a children's play space, sky is the limit (or is it budget?) Well, I have not made any big home purchases (aside Charlize's new bed) in quite a while. Years maybe. Since I've been on maternity leave with Ava.  Even if you can't afford to purchase new furnishings this should never stop you from being creative.  Garage sales and garbage finds are a couple of my favourite free or inexpensive ways to decorate a room.  This definitely takes time however. I usually stumble upon these items when I'm not looking.

I found this wood shelve unit in the garbage. The doors were hideous so I removed them, but I knew it would serve a purpose in the basement.  I'd like to maybe wallpaper the back in a pretty pattern.  

I grabbed 99% of their books from their bedrooms to create this library.  Now they can see everything they have at a quick glance. The lowest shelf is perfect for Ava.  They made it look like a little cafe.

There was nothing in this corner of the basement. We eventually would like to do built-ins in the two closets but that's not going to be for a while!  The girls enjoy having their own little nook to read. There is a light in each closet as well.

It's definitely not completed but it will hopefully be done soon!  More to come...

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