The perfect quaint cottage

I spotted this adorable A-frame cottage on House & Home 's website and had to share it with you.  It just goes to show that you absolutely don't need a huge cottage on the lake! I do prefer something small and cozy and this cottage is exactly that.

Every room needs a few black elements. It grounds this space.  Use in frames, lighting, vases,etc.

Simple bedroom. What more do you need? A bed, little side tables and some storage. And a few oversized pillows!

A few tips on making a small place appear larger.

1>>>  Painting everything a creamy white.  It really does the trick.

2>>> Keep the colour palette to a couple accent colours (here they used navy blues & yellows) throughout the whole house. You can change a colour in a room. For example, white with hits of orange in the guest bedroom.

3>>> Keep and use only what is functional or absolutely beautiful. Get rid of the rest.

4>>> Experiment with different textures and fabrics. It'll make your senses want to explore the room as opposed to seeing it all in a quick glance (reading small).

If you'd like to read more detail about this quaint Ontario cottage visit House & Home.

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