Designing using a Monochromatic scheme.

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Via Lonny Mag
Have you ever thought of how nice it would be to create a room that looks like it came out of a magazine.  Well if you have a bit of money to purchase a few new items you probably can.  It's as simple as pulling together elements of the same colour. The dining space above is dressed mostly in white and blue.  Add a small accent colour (here a light sage green graces the pattern in the chair & border on the curtain).  This room already has high ceilings, so why not make it look like a bright beautiful day by painting it blue!  I love this idea for a playroom as well.

Good Advice

If you are thinking of doing this just remember not to saturate your walls in the same colour. Keep them a creamy white, or the lightest shade of the colour you are using.  If you are not sure which shade to use here is a trick.  Bring your pillow, or a paint chip in the same colour as your dominant colour and ask your Benjamin Moore specialist to pick out the lightest shade of that colour!

Good Luck!

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