A new backyard

I am sooooooo fed up of my backyard.  Besides being a great place for my kids to play, it doesn't offer much. I made a lovely daybed which sits on my small balcony and with all the wonderful rain we've had so far this season, has had little use.  If you are not using your backyard like me-there's a problem.

We also bought this gorgeous, huge, barbecue.  Now we need a deck. Or a "space".  Something!  I thought I was missing an inground pool.  But I don't think so. Not yet anyway.  We have some great features.

1.  A hot tub
2.  The forest
3.  A fire pit
4.  A beautiful huge dining table
5. My daybed & outdoor living room

I should be able to coordinates all these elements so they create one beautiful space. God dang it!


This Lafayette home built by Texas Construction Company is so simple. Clean! I think that's all I am craving. And less grass. I love the idea of rocks, even though it's not ideal with little kids (Ava is obsessed with them).

I love that there would be no balcony to build.  I'm kind of tired of the whole wood balcony look. Even watching shows like like Deck disasters & Decked out,  have got me longing for something different and less complicated.  Are you feeling me?

I am aware I just went from super contemporary to charming english garden.  I don't care. I'd be happy with either! Love them both. And the common elements? Less grass more stone.

This is another clean & inviting backyard space. Complete with gold sprayed flamingoes, genius!  Must do!

Beautiful design, image via desire to inspire.

And these three lovelies from my Houzz browsing.

This reminds me of a restaurant my sister, mom & BF ate at in NY. Sigh.

Have a lovely weekend!

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