La Bic National Park

I must begin by saying this camping trip to La Bic was a 10 year wedding anniversary present to ourselves.  I feel this need to explore & who better to do it with than my best friend:)

And now,  I am not quite sure where to begin.  I will begin by saying that the minute we arrived on site we were taken by the beauty of the mountains and the lushness of the forests and grass.

This was a path from our site to the Bay of Ha!Ha!

This bay was a calm one surrounded by the salty marshes (so a little messy) but beautiful nevertheless.

This was our campsite.  What more could we ask for?  A spectacular water view and gorgeous mountain views of Le Pic Champlain.  A nice tablecloth from home and an excellent bottle of red doesn't hurt either.

Hiking around the peninsula took us about 6 hours. I can't put into words how amazing it was.
This picture is taken from the peak of Le Pic Champlain which was a 1 hour hike uphill.  We did the 6 hour hike around the mountain Saturday and hiked Le Pic just before we left on Sunday.

I am being very brave & having a lot of fun. Heights actually make me feel sick but not here!  One step too far to the right and you're off the cliff. The trail led us through a series of twists and turns through rocky mountainous coves.  It was so beautiful. I took 546 pictures this weekend.

I had no idea what lay ahead. This is Cap a l'Orignal the start of the rocky seacoast trail.

Do you see how small Greg is next to the mountain (top right)? The hike and view was breathtaking.

After passing the rocky seacoast (2 hours) we stopped for lunch on the grassy tip of the peninsula.  This is how I imagine Nova Scotia or Newfoundland might look like.

There were 4 different bays.  This one would be a hit with the kids. This was at high tide.  The water was salty & cool like the ocean. This area is where the fresh water mixes with the ocean making the salty marshes all along the bays which is home to many different species of birds & fish.

This was at low tide. All I kept thinking was "the kids would be in heaven".......constantly.

And of course design inspiration was everywhere. Look to Mother Nature for cues on mixing different elements. She doesn't get it wrong. The lushness of the green forest with the sparkling of the blue sea mixed in with the grey slate (that was everywhere) giving the sand a black appearance was a perfect balance.  There were beautiful smooth pieces of driftwood everywhere. We had Greg's car so it was packed. No room for anything from the nearby antique shops either :(  Maybe next year!

There was a lot of history here. Samuel de Champlain found this area (that's why it's called Le Bic de Samuel Champlain). The 200 and some odd acres was actually owned by a family in 1920 and the top right photo was the colonial revival style home they had built. It is now called the tea room, a place to rest & enjoy a cup of tea.  Not sure I believe in ghosts but look at the bottom left photo (yellow windows).

Is it just me, or is there a face in almost every window?  Greg & I noticed only the bottom left window pane. Then after I took the picture I saw the others.  I get shivers just looking at it...

I was one foot away from this fawn.  He was so precious. I tried to feed him some water but he took off.  We saw 3 other deer, a few bunnies and many ducks with their ducklings.

How blue was that sky?

This was another angle from the top of Le Pic Champlain.  It reminds me of Jamaica (just a bit colder)! You can kayak all around these islands & peninsulas. I would have loved to do that as well but we only really had 1 full day.

This was a heavenly weekend for us & an anniversary we will never forget. You have got to explore this area. It's about 4.5 hours from Montreal and is worth it. Every camp site looked good and there were so many activities. There was also a lot of bike trails through the forests & mountains as well.  Visit Sepaq for more information on this Heritage park & explore beautiful Quebec!

And of course I cannot forget to thank Nancy & my dad and also my sister for watching my children while we were away, couldn't have done this without you!



Emily Paige Duclos said...

Oh ..My... God.. HOW BEAUTIFUL!
I wanna gooooo..
What a gorgeous place! Ad you guys got great weather?! I'm so happy for you! oxoxox

Bianca Davila said...

We lucked out & it was beautifully:) you should go one day! :)

Bianca Davila said...

I mean beautiful, I shouldn't do two things at once.

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