Easy birthday decorations

It's been a busy past week to say the least.  I love my kid's birthdays and I love getting organized for them. The best part is the decorating and the "ooohhhhh" I get when they wake up the morning of their birthday.  I kept things "simple" this year.  I opted out of helium balloons (to save money & time) and my usual sewn streamers.

Instead I made these fringed streamers I saw on Pinterest.  How lovely are these? And the colour palette is probably my favourite that I've done so far.

Love the gold. It would not be the same without it.

These were really simple to make.  Let me first introduce you to my secret weapon that is so much better than regular tape or glue.


Double sided tape. I would never have thought this little tool could be so useful for so many things. This is what Charlize uses for all her school projects. Less mess & lumps (don't you hate the ripples too much glue make on paper?)  

Materials needed;

Tissue paper, whatever colours you choose.
Double sided tape 

I purchased all these items at the dollar store. You barely use any of the tissue paper so you'll have lots for future presents!

Take 1 sheet of tissue paper, fold in half and cut in three large pieces (mine were 5 & 1/2" by 10"). Keep the folded portion at the top, this will be where you hang it from the string.  Then cut strips upwards toward the fold leaving about 1 inch from the top. I came up with 9 strips per section.

Then I spaced them on the white hemp string about an 1" apart and used a piece of double sided tape inside each one close to the top to ensure it stayed put.

Make as many as you need, then hang. So simple and it looks great afterwards in your kids bedroom too!

I also used the same tissue to make circles that I taped to the wall.  I used the inside of the double sided tape as a template to make the circles.

And lastly, I made a pinata. All you need is a balloon (I used a small beach ball) Newspaper cut into strips and papier mache (equal parts flour & water with a couple tbsp of salt). Easy just time consuming or in my case evening consuming!

Same fringe styled decorations on it (held by double sided tape of course!)

It was raining so we did it in the house. No spinning involved here.  It was really pretty and a definite success (and mess).

All girls wore a hat for the "tea party".

And decorated tea cups with colourful sharpies.

This was our card to Brooklyn. How funny is Charlize?

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