Painted furniture

I'm very excited that I finished Brooklyn's room- that means I can start visualizing Avangeline's room, which I'd like to finish by September.  I picked up these two bed side tables from a garage sale for $10 each.  I know the go to colour choice is white (like I did mine) but this is a kid's room so the possibilities are endless and I'm dying to try an exciting colour.

Can anyone see this in a bright yellow, or orange? Maybe pink with a white outline? Here are a few inspiration shots I'm looking at.

This is great inspiration from Centsational Girl.  I could do something similar with maybe yellow wallpaper?

Sorry for the poor resolution. Love this orange and white detail trim.  My tables have a trim so I could do this too!

How cheerful is yellow?

This is another Centsational inspiration. Love the gold handles.  I may tackle this project this weekend. All I need is an SOS pad to dull the current paint job, some primer and my paint colour.  Actually maybe I should make the inspiration board first for her room-better idea!

Stay tuned...

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