Family room with kids

This is THE room. After the kitchen of course. It serves as the main TV viewing area, play area, eating while watching a movie area and just plain hanging out. I thought I'd include an updated photo of my family room.  Things to consider when designing this room for your family.

1. Layout

You don't necessarily need to place your sofa against the wall.  Try floating it for a more intimate feel. Here I've pulled the couch a foot away from the window. It's easier to close the curtains and the kids enjoy playing around the couch.  The white little Lack $10 tables from Ikea are so practical and for the price who cares if the kids colour on them.  They are super convenient for pulling up next to wherever you are sitting in the room.

2. Storage

It doesn't have to be an obvious kid's storage container or bin. I like to use less obvious options like this laundry basket. Best thing? Because it's a laundry basket it's well priced. You can find a similar one at Maxi.  This one was a gift from my dear, thoughtful friend Lori (purchased at TJ Maxx).

On the right we have my favourite Ikea piece, the expedit. I tuck grey woven baskets (from Maxi) in each lower cubby so Ava can get to them.  Rotate toys occasionally.  It's also a great place to put my magazine collection. I love leafing through them, even years later.

3. Materials & Colours

If you are more of a neutral (or beige) kind of person let me just say this.

You must, must, must have different forms of texture or your room will look flat. There. I said it.
You can play with textures by introducing something hard (like flooring) something soft (like a shag rug) something natural like leather, sisal, wicker, linen, wood.  Repeat these textures in a couple places if possible to link back to each other. Like a wood crate and a couple wooden frames in the same tone.

If you love colour, great. Pick a couple accent colours that can be later switched out with the seasons, if you like.  You can repeat these colours in your paint choices, or curtains.

4. Television placement & media unit

Consider where you would like to place your TV so that you can see it while you cook, or while you eat (if this is important to you). If I placed the TV on the other wall (where the picture frames are) I would not see it from the eat-in kitchen area.  

Media unit

I hate this word. It makes me think of wires, and ugly boxes.  Don't feel obliged to buy one. I have one in the basement and it's fine for there. On my main floor I used this chunky wood console table. It is very sturdy and blends well with the TV and cable box.  The wires were neatly taped to the legs so they don't show.

5. Create a focal point with a gallery wall.

It's okay to have more than one focal point. Even if you have a fireplace- especially if it's one that you aren't crazy about. You can see that mini-transformation here.  I love photographs- and it's your family room, so there definitely should be some! I like to mix the black and white frames with black and white photos.  I love colour photos too, so I threw in a couple of those.  A gorgeous large print like the one I blog about here would also be breathtaking! 

If you have any questions on how to better your arrangement or room ask me in my comments section.

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