Designing with neutrals, the right way.

I came across this design in my Elle Decor magazine.  I know that neutrals are still most people's comfort zone, so I figured I'd show you a way to do it successfully. You don't need a lot of money (though I'm sure this room costs more than the furniture in my entire house).  You just need some creativity and maybe a few visits to a garage sale (it's that time of year).

In this room there are white, dark chocolate and light honey toned woods. The reason it works is because the colour is repeated a couple of times.

Use at least four different textures to give the room dimension and interest.

1>> A soft fuzzy throw
2>>  Ostrich leather ottoman
3>>  Woods (floor & table)
4>>  Leather chair
5>>  Cowhide rug

There are many cheaper versions of all of these.  Many at Ikea.  The fun thing about designing with neutrals is that you can throw in a couple kelly green pillows one season, then switch them out for plum coloured ones in the fall. There really are no rules, just try something out. If it doesn't work, return it. No harm done!

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