A sneak peak at the daybed

It's done! Let me just say that if you are thinking of making one, make sure the bed if made of foam. I tried to pull the zippered slipcover over a regular mattress and it did not work. The bed nor the fabric had any give and it was impossible to get the mattress into it. So I went back to using the foam mattress I was given. I was able to squeeze the foam mattress into it. I'm so happy this wasn't a waste of time;)

This picture was taken just before I sewed the last side (with the built in zipper) shut.  It's a lot more fitted now.  The scalloped pillows are from HomeSense (2 for 30$) and the brown pillows from Maxi (on special 4$ each!)

Click here for more pictures of our HomeSense shopping trip! They were putting out some really nice stuff today. Is thursday the day they do this? I would like to know.

I will post the tutorial this weekend on how to make this bed. It was really quite easy, just a little time consuming.  But definitely worth it!

Final reveal of the deck to come....

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