Wood pallet daybed progress

The pallet is beginning to resemble an actual piece of furniture. It has been sanded (thanks Greg) and stained (thanks Greg and me) and I have chosen the fabric.

Greg built an armrest that I sketched on either side to support the mattress and cushions and to act as a place to rest our drinks! I also like the contemporary look it adds to it.

It was then white washed with Benjamin Moore's interior furniture stain.  I'm going to seal it tomorrow with Thompson's water seal.  I used this particular stain because I had left over from a previous job, otherwise I would have used an actual outdoor stain. I really like seeing the grain through the white.  It gives it a bit of a rustic feel.

We decided to use Charlize's mattress as the base for the bed.  She needed a new mattress anyway.  And this will be wonderful for star gazing! Or sleeping...

This is the fabric

Ohhhh I was so nervous selecting it! But I think it's going to look gorgeous, sometimes you just need to go for it and take chances.

To be continued...

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