Personal Photo Wallpaper

After watching an episode of "The Novogratz" on HGTV and seeing a photo wall they did in two different client's homes, I thought, hey, I can do that too! 

This particular mural made for my daughter showcases her whole life from 2 months to 9 years.  Birthdays, vacations, and every snippet that sums up her life so far!  I love this idea for an opened concept closet turned mini office, or for a family room behind a couch.  We also did one in our hallway.

I went through all our cd's and pulled my favourite photos.  I imported them into photoshop to get the layered effect that I wanted.  Then I printed it on our large format printer! 

I love how it turned out!  And most importantly so does Charlize!

If you are interested in montaging or printing a few large scale photos to apply like wallpaper email me at

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