Patio Pillows

With so many to choose from here are a few of my favourite finds...

1. Crate & Barrell Laurel 20" square $50
2. Pier 1 Cabana Pillow $35
3. Crate & Barrell Cypress 20"x13"  $45
4. Pier 1 Abella Stripped pillow $40

I think these would look brilliant with my chosen fabric that will be covering the mattress of the daybed.

1.  Pier 1 Turquoise Rug, available online only
2.  Ikea Ammero Armchair with pad $119
3. Pier 1 Garden Stool 

This look is a bohemian, exotic and relaxed.  Blues and greens are soothing and found everywhere in nature, so they just make sense. 

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