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I don't know about you, but this nicer weather (finally) has got me itching to design a beautiful backyard space. I have limited funds and big ideas.  I've put together a few inspiration photos to piece from.  We are thinking of having a semi-inground pool installed but not 100% sure yet. With the design I have in mind-even though the pool would be the small round one- it would probably set us back $6000.

That being said we need a new deck! The current one is 8X10, which is okay for me since the dinning space would be located at the bottom of the steps anyway!

This is the inspiration shot for the pool...nestled in the corner of the yard.

                              Traditional Pool by Lexington Landscape Architect Timothy Lee landscape design

I absolutely love this idea for a small semi-inground pool. It looks a bit like a pond, which I like. Perfect for the kids to play in and for me to lounge next to, or dip my feet!

But we'll begin with the deck since this can be started within the next few weeks (hopefully).

This is what the deck currently looks like.

Sorry about the poor lighting-and design!

This is the plan...

This would allow us to keep the base and floor of the deck. It would be repainted (a light grey) and all the railings and current stairs would be removed.  Then a new 4'-0 wide stair (in wood) would be added leading to stone patio and dining area.  Two 3'-0 wide planters would flank the stairs.  I was thinking of planting lemongrass which is beautiful and helps to repel mosquitoes.  Storage would be below holding up the planter boxes. Greg will put together the new railings and newel posts I loved from this inspiration shot.  Love the coral and white combination.

This is the dining table he made from Anna White.  Visit her website for free detailed furniture plans.  She's amazingly talented!

I was thinking black for the chairs to contrast the light grey table. Metal or wicker might be beautiful.  I see blue and coral cushions too!
Arholma $70

Lacko $45
Also Lacko $30 (recently reduced to make room for the latter)

I liked the last choice last year but not sure how comfortable they are. I guess we'll just have to build the deck and see what we are left with as a budget.  Any good suggestions???

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Jordan Mallory said...

This is a great article and I love the pictures. I am getting my patio done right now but it is in the beginning stages. I was worried about the patio stone but I was told to use EP Henry Pavers. I'm excited to see how it all turns out. I cant wait till we can grill out on the patio this summer.

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