Easy DIY pillow covers

I bought this fabric a couple months ago and hadn't gotten around to doing anything with it. I knew I wanted to make 2 cushion covers out of it but it just sat there washed and lonesome in my laundry room.

Low and behold centsational girl  writes a piece on her easy to sew cushion covers. Okay I think, today is the day!

I pull out the sewing machine (reluctantly because it's Monday and I'm really lazy today).

These covers are easy to make and if you screw up, who cares right? This cost me $6.00 in fabric and I pulled 2 cushions I wasn't using from my closet.  1 metre is all I needed.

Cut your 2 pieces of fabric, make one piece 1" larger than your pillow all around for your seam allowance. (This was the rough cut.) I like to then measure, trace a straight line and cut.  Make the second piece three inches wider at the bottom because you want to make a pocket in the middle of your pillow to insert it.

This part is pretty simple.

With this second longer piece, you want to cut it in two (to make the hole in the middle where you will insert the pillow. Make one piece about 1/3 and the other 2/3 (the rest). Fold over the 2 inner edges of fabric (the ones you just cut in two) and iron a 1 inch hem.

Then sew a simple stick straight across each side.

Next line up your 1 main square (or rectangle) shaped fabric pattern side up.  Line up your two pieces face down on top so it lines up.  Pin all four sides together.

Don't be afraid to make any adjustments at this stage, like trimming around if you think it might be too big or it isn't lining up perfectly.

Then sew all four sides together.  Remember to stay as straight as possible and just take your time. When you get to a corner stop.  Make sure the needle is in the down position lift the presser foot and turn the fabric to do the next side.  Repeat all four.

Then turn inside out! Insert pillow.

All in all it took me an hour to make both. I may have had to stop and help a little person pee. And another to a snack. All worth it:)

So many places to use them, I wonder were they will end up! Any suggestions?

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