Designing using wood pallets

Yesterday was big garbage day (a day once a month when you can throw out bigger items that will not fit in your standard city issued garbage containers) and I love seeing what people think is garbage. I have picked up a few things over the last year including this chair.

I am inspired by these photos to make a couch for my patio.  There are a few I like from some big box stores, but the near $1000 price tag just isn't in my budget! So I 'm hoping to turn this....

into this...

This pallet was in two pieces so I am thrilled that the one I picked up was in 1 long piece!  Next is lots of sanding and sealing-adding a set of 5 casters (to roll around and add height) and some sort of back and side support.  This design is from prudent baby.  I like the plumbing piping she used for arm and backrest.

Here are a couple other design ideas I'm looking at.

This design seems simple enough but not really family of 5 friendly!

If I can get myself 1 more pallet (any size really) I can make a sectional.

If you're thinking of making one here are a couple things to consider.

1. Fabric

You will need to purchase outdoor fabric and possibly something to wrap between the fabric and the cushion, foam, or mattress you intend on using. I will most probably be using a twin size mattress or foam cut to size.

2. Pillows

You will need a variety of sized pillows and cushions just for the back. First a base of 3 or 4 larger pillows and then a few decorative pillows to add interest and of course comfort.

3. Cost of materials

Yes this will probably be a lot cheaper than purchasing a couch but you will still be out of pocket a couple hundred.  Cost of foam, fabric, casters, stain and cushions. Purchase a lot of cushions and return those that don't work.  Hopefully you, or someone close to you, can sew the cushions to save you on the cost of having them sewn.  A lot of dry cleaners also offer small sewing services so inquire, it may be worth it!

I'll keep you updated with the progress and give some tutorials along the way!

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