Painting old furniture, a simple approach

My uncle was getting rid of a few pieces from his house so when I got the email for this piece I quickly jumped at the chance to get it.  It needed a lot of work. It is solid wood but had a few added thin wood layers to it that were chipping away. Greg said he could glue them, sand the whole piece using steel wool (super easy, just tedious) then spray it white using Rustoleum's antique white.

As you can see it needed a lot of work. I was thinking of spraying it a peacock blue then changed my mind!  I can be a chicken sometimes!

So again....

1) Lightly sand with steel wool. It's easy and something you should have in your kitchen. If you don't you should, it cleans stainless items and pots with ease.

2) Wipe down with a clean damp cloth, let dry.

3) Use a primer if you'd like. We didn't but we did need to use 2 cans to get the desired effect.

4) We used Rustoleum's Antique White. It's a nice creamy white. You can pick it up at any hardware store.

5) Let air out for a few days before bringing in your home.

Then enjoy!

I love the result! For a total of $16.00, not bad!

The feet were beautifully hand-carved. At least those were in good condition!

I love the contrast with the gold lamp.

Love the new addition.  Now I'm thinking of adding some more photos/art to this wall. Stay tuned.

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