To dress or not to dress...a window

Putting up curtains, or blinds is a no brainer for most people. I am not most people. I would gladly have none.  I need them in my bedroom (for a few obvious reasons) and I do like them in that context.  They add a lot of warmth and depth to a space- they can also bring in colour, texture, or interest to an otherwise plain scheme.  It took me almost 2 years to put up curtains in our family room.  We have a forest behind us so there is no need for privacy, it's mainly for better TV viewing. It did add something to the room as well.  Frankly, if you're scared of committing, go to Ikea (my fave store). For 4 solid panels, 4 sheers and the pole I spend $130.  Not bad for and eight foot wide window!

Here is some window inspiration. Scroll down for a few window treatment RULES! There are a few you should follow.

The top left pic is really easy to do yourself. You can take an old panel you have lying around and tie it with a pretty ribbon.  This is only good if you never need to adjust the curtain for light purposes. 

The middle room shows that you can sometimes go without the treatment. Especially if you have very pretty windows.

I love the simple panel curtains. Make sure they either graze or cascade a little on the floor. Too much and it "puddles" too little and it looks like they are awaiting a flood. 

If you are not sure what to use or don't want them to make a big statement choose white, or the same shade as your wall colour.  Keep it simple, like the white curtains shown above.

If you want to make a statement go with a bold colour, like the green ones in the dining room.

And sometimes, a good old fashioned roller blind will do the trick- as long as the rest of your room is also simple.

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Roxie Tenner said...

These are great tips! It's really a challenge for some to decide whether to add a window treatment or not. For me, I can say it's a must because aside for the additional accent it adds on the space, it also helps lessen the heat effect that come inside the house during winter or summer. It's very efficient to have. #Roxie @

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