Pops of colour

I am known to choose whites, off whites and various shades of white for my wall colours. I also love soothing warm tones of grey and brown.  A great way to introduce colour to your room, especially if you have a colour phobia is in small doses.  Pick up some spray paint (Rustoleum is my current fave) and start spraying away. A small mirror, a frame you picked up from Ikea, a small metal coffee table (that was outside and may be starting to rust!) Or you can just go to HomeSense!

I love yellow, lately. Even on walls. That being said check out his stool from Ikea.

You don't have to run out and buy one. I have a similar stool from Ikea and I'm thinking hard of spaying it yellow, or maybe robin's egg blue, or a burnt orange.

These throw pillows also add the right touch of colour. Aren't they adorable. Chapters

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