Floral Arrangements

There's nothing more beautiful on a dining table, or nightstand than a flower arrangement.  It can take a ho hum place setting to a whole new level of sophistication and elegance.  Here's a couple tips when making an arrangement.

It's always more worth it to buy the flowers you want separately than in an arrangement you have to then re-arrange yourself (unless you are planning to use 100% of those flowers).  If you are intimidated by doing this yourself start simple, and cheap.  I love this easy go to solution.  Buy a few of the same flowers (like roses) and place in a shallow vase. Make two arrangements to set on a rectangular table for an impact, or one for a round table.

I bought these shallow vases from the dollar store, and they are one of my favourite!

I love this arrangement.  Keep flowers close together to create visual impact.  It also helps to keep the arrangement looking neat.  Repeat a few colours for cohesiveness.  Do not forget to get rid of all leaves on the lower stems so it doesn't look too messy.

This lovely easy arrangement of ranunculus (one of my favourite flowers) comes courtesy of a country farmhouse blog.  Simple yet elegant.  

Don't forget to change the water everyday and trim the stems on an angle!  

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