DIY Pillows, in 1 minute.

There are so many beautiful pillows, but being a stay at home mom now I don't have the luxury right now of buying any.  So, I've come up with a simple solution to change the way my couch looks if even for a couple of months.

Using scarves from my closet (that I am currently not wearing or haven't for some time now) I've simply wrapped up some old pillows!

First hunt through your closet and find some nice scarves! I chose these ones.

I chose ones that looked a little springy!

I lost a couple to Ava.

I simple enveloped the cushion and tied a knot! I think it's so cute, and it took 20 seconds.

This is my knitted mini poncho.

This was a scarf given to me by my best friend Lori from Italy. I love it.  It looks dressed up with the kelly green scarf. I attached (by hemp string) a medallion that broke off a pillow I bought a couple years ago.

Looks good in the bedroom.

And in the living room.

Try it out! There are no rules, just your intuition!

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