DIY Branches & Flowers!

I have these two black plastic urns outside my front door. Every season so far (fall, winter and now spring) I am trying to keep them relative. I really like them (not the plastic broken urns...maybe I should eventually replace those) but the branches I have arranged in them.

So I wanted to share with you an idea I hatched in my bizarre mind. I am not the only one, I know.  I had this white magnolia tree at my old house and every spring it would bloom these beautiful daisy looking flowers.  So I wanted to replicate that using branches and fake flowers.

1. Collect any branches, either store purchased or maybe trim your trees? I have a forest behind me so I can cheat.  Arrange them in a large pot or urn. I put some little cement blocks at the bottom of the base to hold them still and to give weight to these flimsy urns.  I also use wire to secure the branches together!

2. Go to the dollar store! I purchased some japanese looking flowers. The beauty of these cheap type of flower arrangements that you buy is that the flower heads pop off! Yeah!

My original idea was to glue these to the branches using a hot glue gun (also from the dollar store). But then realized when I pop off the head there is a perfect hole to simply push onto a small branch!

Branches before...

And branches after...

So easy, and honestly if you didn't know, you'd almost think it was the real thing! Maybe next week I'll add more so it really looks like it's blooming!

What are you looking forward to in your garden this spring?

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