Making a grand entrance

There are so many ways to make the most of your front entrance. With spring approaching it seems like a good time to start rethinking your front hall/entrance/foyer/vestibule/whatever you want to call it.  In my home I have 3 places I can do this.  Thank goodness- because with 5 bodies in the house it makes for a lot of shoes, bags, coats, etc...

When designing the space (or corner) make sure to include:

1) A place to put your coat, hat, mitts, umbrella.

2)  Keys, mail, water bottle.

3)  Diaper bag, or purse,

4) Shoes, and whatever else you may be dragging in!

This is the first place you and your guests see when  entering, so take the time to design something that reflects who you are.  Personally, I say go bolder here then you would in other places because after all it is a small space and therefore would be a small dose of bold. Think of mixing a couple contrasting colours and adding a few colours that may be in your home, only a brighter version of it.

This is actually in my hallway a few steps from my entrance. A place to drop everything including purse (on bench below!)  The candles are handy to have in case of blackout (which has actually happened twice since adding this vignette!)  Just remember to throw some matches in an enclosed box as I have done.

Now excuse me, I need to organize my entrance ;)

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