Closets...for other uses!

Since moving to my new home in 2010, I have had the pleasure of many extra closets (in my basement).  There were 8 storage spots, so needless to say after our basement renovation I figured we could ex a few. I currently have 2 side by side closets with no doors, so I thought what better way to introduce maybe built ins, or a mini-bar, or somewhere for the kids to curl up with a good are a few pictures that have me thinking.

Brilliant backing the wall with a mirror, really opens and brightens what would be an otherwise dark space.

Love this idea! I could probably sit here all night long.

Via Design Sponge

This space would occupy my kids for hours...but I'm sure there would be a lot of second story jumping!
I will keep you posted when I actually figure out how to best utilize the 2 closets I have, just brainstorming for the moment!

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