Bathroom Design

Creating a bathroom on a budget sounds daunting doesn't it? Well, I am in the process of doing that right now for my aunt and uncle and their two adorable children! Actually, it's a little more daunting because I'm trying to incorporate a wonderful laundry room at the same time.  This growing family desperately needed this bathroom as their home (built in the 1950's) did not have a powder room (now considered a staple in suburban homes built today).

If you are designing a bathroom on a budget big box stores are your friend.  Purchasing inexpensive subway tiles (in a variety of colour choices) is a great budget friendly choice; and will probably stand the test of design time too.  There are also a variety of shower stalls for less than $300 that offer frameless looking "glass"doors (Home depot and Reno both have a few models).

I am loving the Godmorgan vanity from Ikea     ($399) but I think the Hemnes might be better  suited to the style of my aunt's home, which is also a budget friendly choice ($399).

Did I mention this bathroom/laundry room was in the basement?  So our little problem was a funny looking round plaque smack in the middle of the floor, original to the house (some main drain access maybe?) Anyway with every problem comes an opportunity to make something special!

So I am proposing.......

To make the centre a mosaic of tiles creating an area rug look around the drains camouflaging them, while tiling the rest in maybe say....tiles that look like wood floors?! This fabulous master bath floor created by Michelle at AM Dolce Vita is a great solution, just maybe a different colour scheme. There is also a cheaper route, and could be better suited to a cold basement floor (and heated floors is not in the budget!)

I like the idea of having something soft and warm underfoot especially in a basement bathroom!
More to come!

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