Kid's rooms

Kid's Rooms

There is something about designing a child's bedroom that makes me so happy.  I'm not sure if it's because we feel more free with colour (which deep down we really do love) or because of the quirky items we can get away with in there!  Here are just a few bedrooms that inspire me!

This is such a sweet bedroom for two little girls!  Very simple but the wallpaper adds bold impact. The black beds from Ikea no less totally anchor the space and echo the black in the wallpaper.

It's so refreshing when a room isn't too matchy matchy! These orange curtains are such an unexpected choice but they work beautiful.

These oversized photos really make this room come to life!  It adds a quirky playful element to the otherwise sophisticated girls' bedroom.

I know, I have three girls so I LOVE girls' bedrooms. Here are a few boys ones that make my list...

This is a room to grow into!  In a couple years all you have to do is remove the stuffies on the wall!

Scandanavian design is brilliant. This modern space is calm yet edgy at the same time.

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