Chair Makeover + the cutest poof ever!

Inspiring DIY projects you CAN do, really!

Since becoming addicted to Pinterest (you can view my board by clicking here) I have embarked on several DIY projects. For those of you asking "what is pinterest?"- it is an online organization board where you "pin" things you find interesting, or inspiring, like a new recipe you'd like to try, or bedrooms you adore.  I have discovered many talented people who show you, threw their blogs or websites how to make the most amazing things that you'd never dream you could do. Since, I have become a garbage salvager (we'll call it!) and have refurbished and given new life to items that would have probably seen the landfill.  

This is what the chair looked like when I picked it from the garbage. 

After a couple coats of some Benjamin Moore paint and a quick seat recovering it makes a very pretty shabby chic chair. It's gonna be my "homework" desk chair. I can't wait!

Another hobby I've taken to is sewing. I had a machine and fabric, and I thought how hard could it be?  Well, this project itself took me about 6 hours to complete, but for those of you who know what you're doing I'm sure you could knock it off in the time it takes your husband's hockey game to be over!

It's called the Rollie Pollie, and its basically a bean bag chair. You can purchase for $8 a pattern from the designer through her website Danamadeit I winged it and the result amazed me. My husband Greg, as sweet as he is, warned me not to be disappointed if it didn't come out the way it should. And I really expected that it wouldn't but...

It's fully slipcovered as well, so when the kiddies smear their chocolate faces or fingers on it I can unzip it and toss it in the wash!  The fabric is from Ikea, $7.99 a metre- a steal I think!

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