Colour, colour and more colour please......

This living room is dramatic.  The black pops against the white. As does the yellow and the pink.

This little home office shows how you can take a hit of colour and transform a room. Great thing is you can change the rug with the seasons!

White walls are a great starting point, believe it or not. They are the perfect backdrop for art, as featured above.  Mixing up your chairs like this mismatched set makes eating in this formal dining room a bit more casual. It also tones down what otherwise would be too much of the same boring wood colour.

Victoria Webster's home is unbelievable!  The use of colour, texture, and unexpected elements make her rooms memorable.  I saw these photos in House & Home's February 2010 issue, and I still love it.

I love modern design. The orange and blue/green in the carpet adds the right amount of colour to this otherwise colourless room. 

 A feature wall like this blue wall has a beautiful and clean effect against the white couch.  

Why not paint or wallpaper out the back of your bookcase.

A wallpaper feature within a room is an easy, inexpensive way to bring colour into a room. Repeat the colour in a couple accessories like pillows, flowers, a rug.

Black and white is a colour scheme! A very sexy one.

Yellow is the happiest colour on the colour wheel!

Again, white walls keep it light and fresh.

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