Nurseries On My Mind......

You can have so much fun with your baby's first room. Don't be afraid to mix colour and different textures in the room. Take this one for example. Nothing seems too precious or too perfect. This wall colour will also grow with baby, heck, I'd use it in my master bedroom! Choose furnishings not too babyish. Think dresser turned makeshift changing table (for the 18 months you'll use it!)  Incorporate a comfortable seating area to snuggle up for story time, and nursing of course!  You can add a wall reading lamp or sconce, and gorgeous chandelier (yes in the baby's room).  Think outside the box. You certainky don't have to base your design on a crib bedding set purchased at sears (no offence). Mix up sets, or have at least a blanket custom made for your baby. It'll be a special present she or he can keep always. Just pick your fabric (at any fabric store you'll have so much more choice) and find a seamstress (I promise it won't cost that much!) This will be a great jumping off point for the rest of the room. It IS that simple.

This room is unexpected. It's calm and quite intellectual! You'll definitely have a reader on your hands.

This whimsical room shows you the power of colour. Do not be afraid! The soothing blues and warm corals bounce off the freshness of the white so beautifully. This is a good example of how different styles work well together. The zigzag style rug brings the room up to date and keeps it from looking too stuffy.

The clean contemporary style of this bedroom is easy to achieve. Besides the crib this is a budget friendly room. The dresser, shelves, frames, and floor bookcase can be purchased at ikea. Mix with crib (NOT FROM IKEA PLEASE) and beautiful rug and artwork will keep it from looking too ikeaish!
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